Outcall Massage i Stockholm

Welcome to Relieve Massage!


Relieve Massage Therapy provides an outcall massage service, meaning a massage therapist with a portable massage couch will come to you wherever you are. This convenient service saves you time and allows you to relax and combat stress in a familiar environment.

Book a massage in the comfort of your own home, office, gym, or any other suitable location. All that's needed is some space for the massage couch.

If you are unable to have a massage at your chosen location, you can book an appointment at our spa located in Huddinge. Please contact me for more information.

I use a variety of massage techniques to guarantee the best results, including Swedish massage to relieve muscle tension, chiro massage or Spanish massage, myotense technique to increase muscle elasticity, myorelax technique for very tense muscles, Lomi-Lomi Nui, cervico-cranial massage for neck and shoulder problems, as well as other techniques such as deep tissue massage, PIR, articulation technique, and strain-counterstrain, medical kinesiology.

I serve the Greater Stockholm area and you can share your massage session with a family member, friend or colleague. You only pay for the effective massage time.


Massage session 60

kr80060 min

Massage session 75

kr100090 min

Massage session 90

kr1200120 min

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